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Muhammad Nazri Suhami, 15 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Actually, before I came here, I didn’t have any experience speaking in English and I felt really shy to speak. But as I continued to go to class, I felt one thing. This program is really great and interesting with many activities ….IN ENGLISH! My first teacher in this programme introduced himself to the class and it was so exciting because …he’s from the US! I am so proud to learn from these teachers as they are not only teaching us English, but making it fun and interesting. They are all so cool! Thank you Brillington!


Muhammad Amerrusyahid B. Mohd Faizam, 14 years old, Student, KL, Malaysia
student photo When I came to Brillington, I was really shy. I joined the Holiday Programme. This allowed me to practice and gain more knowledge about the English language, which will help me with both my future studies and career. I think Brillington is a fantastic English language centre! The teachers here are nice and very helpful. If we make mistakes, they will correct us and help us to speak correctly. In my conclusion, Brillington is the best English language centre ever!


Intan Safiya bt Nor Azuairi
student photo The first time I stepped into Brillington, I already knew I was weak in English. I always got a B in exams for English at school. When I entered the classroom, I was shy to talk because I knew I would make grammar mistakes. With time, I realized that I could meet many friends and use English without anyone judging me. My teacher was very supportive and funny. She always shares stories with us and this makes the class interesting. All the teachers are great and I’ll never forget them. Now I speak with my friends and all of the teachers in English…and it feels great because I’m more confident!


Nur Afiqah Bt. Azmir, 16 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo The first time I came to Brillington, I was so shy and my English was so weak. I was so scared to talk because I was afraid of making mistakes. The Holiday Programme is really fun. With the help of the programme, I could make new friends and talk with them in English. The teachers are supporting and great. I’m so glad that my parents sent me here. I think this is an awesome programme.


Muhammad Amerrusyaidi B. Mohd Faizam, 16 years old, Student, KL, Malaysia
student photo Brillington is awesome! I joined the Holiday Programme in November, 2013. Before I started this programme, my English was very weak. In only a week attending classes here, I improved in both my English speaking and writing. I really enjoyed the Holiday Programme because I made many new friends and I shared many experiences with them. I was so sad at the last week of the programme because I would be leaving Brillington. If I get a chance, I will join academic class for 2014.


Mohammad Amirul Haziq, 13 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I always used to think that English lessons and classes are boring. That was before I came to Brillington. Now, I think English is a wonderful language and I had fun learning in my classes here. The classes are full of laughter and learning at the same time, I enjoyed myself so much during the Holiday Programme. The teachers here are awesome ! I love Brillington so much !


Chong Jun Ee, 12 years old, Secondary Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Being able to study in Singapore isn’t an easy thing as their education level is high and syllabus is more difficult. I soon realized that I need to increase my level of English writing and speaking. I chose Brillington because the tutors are extremely friendly and kind. Learning English became as easy as ABC! I also got to meet more friends here. We can also gain lots of knowledge that isn’t taught in textbooks. So, for people who have difficulties in learning English, I would best recommend Brillington for you.


Nurulsyazwani Bt Erizon, 14 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Here in Brillington, everyone speaks English fluently. I was not confident in speaking in English, but the the tutors here guided me and supported me till I was able to not just speak, but also THINK in English ! Now, I can write meaningful essays in the correct grammar and I can recognize grammatical errors. Because of Brillington, I have improved so much and I feel more confident than before. I do believe in the Brillington slogan , “Know English, know the world.


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