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Reem AlJehani, 25 years old, Nurse, Saudi Arabia
student photo Brillington has many classrooms that are big, clean and colourful. There are also many friendly teachers with students both young and old to help you learn English. Here I learned many valuable communication skills like writing about myself and speaking to other people.It is very nice learning at Brillington!


Yoshitaka Tomioka, 30 years old, IT Consultant, Japan
student photo When I first came to Brillington, I thought it was a bit far for me, but realized that’s ok since It’s a good place to learn English. Besides that, I can enjoy the scenic view on the train ride when going to school. The tutors are very nice and funny, making learning English very interesting. Now I’m brave and confident to speak English at work, which helps my confidence. I have also gained more focus on my pronunciation so that others can understand me. My message to you is to “Just Do It!” and learn English now!


Mustaufan, 36 years old, Businessman, Indonesia
student photo The reason I like Brillington is because the environment is cozy , the staff and the teachers are very friendly. The teachers speak clearly, and are very patient with me. I can be myself without any fear, and I’m not shy to make mistakes. I have learned and improved my English speaking skills, especially pronunciation. I believe I can benefit greatly during my study here.


Takeyuki, 27 years old, Financial Analyst, Japan
student photo When my wife and I first came to Brillington, we found it to be very convenient for us because it is just 15 minutes away from our home here in Kuala Lumpur. I can see that many students enjoy learning English here, as shown in photos of the many activities posted on Brillington’s walls. I feel very glad to be one of the students as well. I have noticed an improvement in my pronunciation as well as my confidence in speaking at work and around KL. I next plan to improve my vocabulary!


Asami, 24 years old, Housewife, Japan
student photo This English centre is very comfortable because the teachers are friendly and kind. In class I am not afraid to try to speak as best I can, knowing that the teacher will correct me as necessary. Now, when shopping, I feel that I’ve improved my listening skills and can understand the salespeople much better and I’m more confident to communicate with them in English. This makes me want to learn even more!


Ariff Bin Azhar, 20 years old, Pilot
student photo I am currently awaiting a job opportunity, so I need to learn English because I need to communicate with people around me. I chose Brillington because it specializes in communication skills. Every lesson, we will talk and discuss about certain topics and at the same time add to both our knowledge and English skills. The environment in Brillington is very welcoming and enjoyable. The teachers are very helpful to us in developing our English speaking skills. The most important thing that I am learning is to have confidence when speaking English. Brillington has increased both my English communication skills and my confidence.


Nurzatul Syeeda Binti Abdul Majid, 32 years old
student photo I am happy with my group class at Brillington. Before joining Brillington, I was afraid to use English as I was shy and felt my English was not good. After being in Brillington, I am very encouraged and have taken on the challenge to use more English everyday to improve my fluency. In my classes, I enjoyed being at the front of the class to share in English and at the same time, interacting with the other learners in English.


Pungnavanitha A/P Subbramaniam, 26 years old
student photo I am always excited to go to my classes at Brillington. The classes are very interesting and every time, I learn something that helps improve my English, which I can use immediately with my friends and colleagues. By coming to Brillington, I can see and feel how important English is. This is the main reason why I want to improve my English. My teacher is friendly and easy to talk to; I am very comfortable to talk to her on various topics. Before coming to Brillington, I was shy to use English. Now I am more confident to speak English and use English more frequently, which in turn has helped me to improve my English overall.


Nur Haslinda, 23 years old, Car Dealer
student photo From day one that I came here, I have felt an improvement in my language skills and I feel that my confidence level has increased. It was a rare opportunity to have talked with others. I like all the teachers and would like to thank all of them. The Brillington environment is friendly and has allowed me to make many friends from all walks of life.


Zarinah bt Syed Jamaludeen, 25 years old, Sales Promoter
student photo I like the teachers very much, because they give me motivation to improve my English speaking ability and be able to present before others. I’m satisfied and happy that this programme has helped me to improve my speaking skills and increase my confidence level.



Kang Ping Wei (Rachael), 25 years old, Bank Officer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I’m a person who does not know English well and it’s very difficult to me to learn or study English. I always avoided speaking in front of people because I felt shy and thought that people may laugh at me when they heard me speak using the wrong grammar or sentences. To be honest, I came to brillington ,firstly, because my mother forced me to come here. But, after a few classes, I came here because I was happy, curious and wanted to learn more new things like how to speak English well.


Mohd. Syahezzani, 29 years old, Oil and Gas Engineer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I came to Brillington because I didn’t feel confident to speak in English on the job or even with friends. I recently got an opportunity to work in Singapore as a structural engineer, and felt that it was time to improve and prepare for this opportunity. After attending 15 classes, I feel more confident to have a conversation with people. The teachers in Brillington are friendly and very good in teaching English. This experience has really changed my perception about learning and speaking English. I can also share with you that English is fun and actually, very good for your career advancement. Thanks Brillington!


Lya Anak Columba Selunggang, 31 years old, Research Officer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Hi everyone! I love learning languages but was not confident with English. My job requires me to interview tourists from all over the world, therefore, speaking English is very important to me. I felt my English conversation was not very good, especially in pronunciation and grammar. So, I started to look for a place to learn English when I found Brillington Language Centre. Even though it’s a long journey from my workplace (KLIA) to Brillington, I didn’t feel burdened or tired because I was always excited to come to class. When I came to the first class I was very nervous and shy, but after that I felt comfortable. I was very happy to meet new friends in class and our tutor was very nice and kind. Everyone in class supported each other which made me feel welcomed. I love when we have the opportunity to share about various topics like our lives, health, and current events. We exchanged opinions and gave encouragement to each other. Our Tutor helped a lot especially on how to introduce ourselves. Before this, my weaknesses was introducing myself in English, but after this I would say it doesn’t have me bound anymore. Thanks to Brillington for helping me to improve my confidence level. The facilities in Brillington, I can say, are tip-top; the classroom is very clean with warm lighting, tidy and fully air-conditioned. Last but not least, the entire staff of tutors are very nice, friendly and helpful. Finally, I want to say I’m very proud to be a Brillington student! It’s the best place to learn English! See yaaa…cheers!


Tiau Kah Ying, 21 years old, Student
student photo I enjoyed my lessons at Brillington very much, they are very interesting and fun. What I enjoyed most was speaking English with my tutor. I have learnt a lot of English words and phrases from my tutor, which also encouraged me to practice my English at home. This has really increased my confidence which has enabled me to speak more English at my workplace.


Aimi Suraya Bt. Moerdanny, 18 years old, University Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo The reason I chose Brillington is because I wanted to improve my English language skills. This is because now days many people know how to speak in English and it is also an International language. That is why I chose Brillington…because I know Brillington can improve my English. Besides that, the teachers at Brillington are really professional and kind to me. They will always help me to understand English more. When I first came to Brillington, I was really afraid and I did not have any confidence to speak. After one month of studying here, I already have more confidence to speak. Furthermore, the environment is cozy and welcomes me. One of the most important things I have learned at Brillington is we have to be brave to communicate with others in English and share knowledge.


Chong Jun Ee, 12 years old, Secondary Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Being able to study in Singapore isn’t an easy thing as their education level is high and syllabus is more difficult. I soon realized that I need to increase my level of English writing and speaking. I chose Brillington because the tutors are extremely friendly and kind. Learning English became as easy as ABC! I also got to meet more friends here. We can also gain lots of knowledge that isn’t taught in textbooks. So, for people who have difficulties in learning English, I would best recommend Brillington for you.


Chong Jun Jac, 19 years old, University Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Brillington is a wonderful place to learn not just about English, but also general knowledge like the current events. I wanted to improve my communication skills and choosing Brillington was the right choice for me as it is a renowned language centre. The environment here is well-equipped with good facilities and easily accessible resources. The tutors are friendly and welcoming! The one-to-one teaching programme that I am attending is what I need as I receive the tutor’s full attention. He is very helpful to me as he provides an abundance of knowledge and guidance to me effortlessly. The GIF topic, which means “Greetings, Introductions and Farewells”, is the first thing I learnt and I realised that I shouldn’t be shy to introduce myself. During one of the classes, I was given a task to give a presentation about myself to other students in a different class. It was fun and raised my confidence in public speaking. Learning in Brillington has been a pleasant experience for me and I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff in Brillington. Thank you very much!!!


Sopiah Mohd Salleh, 60 years old, Administrations Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Assalamu’alaikum everybody….

At this age, with 30 over years of working experience, I consider myself already at a late stage to talk about learning…especially in the English language. At this age, too, I guess most people are talking about, contemplating and considering retirement. I had considered retirement earlier on, but everything has changed, just because I recently made two big decisions in my life. The first decision was to accept a new job offer with more responsibilities and the second was to take up an English course. The second was actually influenced by my two daughters and son-in-law. The four of us registered with Brillington with one vision, that is to improve our English speaking skills.

With my new profession, I feel I need the essentials in good English conversation and correspondence. My previous nature of work did not give me much of a chance to communicate in English. Over the years I found myself lacking confidence in English communication, especially when I have to talk in front people. I would always become nervous and turn speechless. With the new profession, I realised that I must equip myself with good English skills in order to be confident in performing and delegating my duties and obligations.

After completing the 10 sessions, I feel like I am a new person with a new life ahead. Brillington has given me a new spirit. The way Brillington tutors conduct the sessions makes me feel comfortable to enjoy each lesson. They have accurately tailored something that I have been hunting for to better my English skills. At Brillington, we do not only learn English, but boost ourselves to be better, well mannered and self-esteemed people. Now I am prepared to face the new challenges of my new profession with a higher level of confidence and approach!!! Thank you to the Management of Brillington and last but least also to my children who initiated this experience.


Sufeeya Bt Amerudin, 18 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I came to Brillington because I wanted to improve and gain more confidence in speaking English. Brillington has a clean, well– maintained and great learning environment. I always feel comfortable in class and I find the classrooms are very nice with many learners’ projects on display for others to see. The Tutors in Brillington are very friendly, kind, cheerful and caring. Brillington is the right place to learn English. So, I strongly encourage those people who want to start learning the universal language and to those who are interested to improve their English skills to attend classes soonest!


Sarah Binti Shamsul Azman, 18 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo My ambition is to be a Kindergarten Teacher, so I’m planning to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at Management and Science University. I came to Brillington to gain enough confidence to speak in public because I always feel nervous when I have a presentation and need to speak in front of people. Here, they taught me how to speak in English confidently. I recommend Brillington to everyone because they will teach you how to be confident . You will enjoy learning to speak English!


Ummi Shuhaida Bt Sharudin, 18 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I came to Brillington because I want to improve my English in both writing and speaking skills. I also want to boost up my confidence when speaking in front of other people. The class is always cheerful and the classrooms are amazingly decorated with learners’ projects. The tutors are very nice and kind. I greatly encourage everyone to join Brillington to enhance their English skills. I’m going to miss my friends and the rest in Brillington Language Centre. Good bye.


Aina Natasya, 18 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I heard about Brillington from my friends and also saw a few banners about this place. I came to Brillington to boost up my confidence level in public speaking. The classes in Brillington were so helpful to me. I was able to eliminate my stage fright because I gained confidence from the presentations that we performed inside and outside the classroom. The tutors in Brillington are so kind and helpful. They have given me good advice and motivation.


Wan Iqmal Fathi Bin Wan Muhd Fauzan, 17 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo The reason why I enrolled myself in Brillington is to improve my communication skills. Aside from my classmates, the teachers in Brillington helped me to improve my English skills. They always corrected us and they taught me how to confidently speak with foreigners. It was a great experience and I learned so much from it. I hope to communicate with others more fluently and confidently.


Nurrasyiqah Binti Mohd Zainal Abidin, 18 years old, Student, KL Malaysia
student photo I came to Brillington because I wanted to be more confident to speak English. Brillington is the place where I learned how to improve my writing and speaking in English. I’ve learned to speak confidently and I’m no longer shy to speak in English with others. The only key here is to keep on practicing, which will always give you better results. After this I’m going to speak more in English. I’ll also let my friends know that Brillington is the best and most exciting place to learn. They taught us a lot of things that will be helpful for us in our Universities. I would like to say “thank you” for teaching me a lot , because I’ve learned a lot of things here.


Qurratuaini Bt Mohamad Solleh, 17 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Hello! I’m Que and I’m eighteen. I chose Brillington Language Centre because I wanted to find a lot of friends and teachers whom I can speak English with. I believe that my English skills have improved here because I have learned to be more confident in facing everything and share my knowledge with others using English. Last but not the least, I would like to thank Brillington for everything, especially the brilliant teachers. Thank you!


Syafiq, 21 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I really enjoy learning and like to come to this class because it teaches me how to speak more fluently. I have noticed an improvement in my speaking English with others and this makes me feel very excited to learn. Furthermore, the tutor inspires me to learn more about English both in the class and in my daily life. I also learned many other valuable skills like writing and reading while participating in the classroom activities.


Nik Fazwani Binti Mahamad, 18 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Hi everyone! I’m Nik Fazwani Bt. Nik Mahamad Faudsi and I come from Semarak, Kuala Lumpur. I’m eighteen years old. It was a great experience learning at Brillington. I first came to Brillington because I wanted to learn English communication well. Before, I didn’t know how to talk to foreigners and have enough confidence to speak in English. The classes at Brillington were very helpful, I felt very comfortable as the teachers gave us enough space to learn intensely. I’ve learned a lot of things from Brillington. The teachers are great and friendly. Brillington is the best place to learn English. Thanks a lot Brillington!


Intan Shaheera Bt Shaharum, Professional, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I just completed my degree in Hotel and Convention Management and currently searching for a job. As you all know, the hotel line requires me to speak and write in English. Honestly my English is not so good and I became nervous to speak in English because of a lack of confidence. Since I joined Brillington, I am happy because I met new friends here and I’m so excited to attend this class. The teaching method here is awesome whereby I can improve my confidence to speak in English to the world…and I did it! A great “thank you” to the tutors because they taught me the correct and appropriate phases that I could use in daily conversation. Apart from that, I also enjoy doing activities in class especially the ‘interviewing session’ because it’s a bonus for me to prepare myself for real interviews.Lastly, I would like to thank Brilington Language Centre again for building up my confidence level, speaking skills and much more. I hope to attend classes here again soon! Thank you Brillington!


Emier Azmurin , 19 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Hi guys!

First of all, thanks to God because since coming to Brillington, I have learned many new things and now, I have more confidence to talk in English. I can talk in English to my friends or even foreigners. I also learned a lot of rules in grammar and writing which will definitely help me to pursue a degree at USM in Biology not to mention my future career as a Biology Lecturer.

Please pray for my success and keep in touch!


Nurulsyazwani Bt Erizon, 14 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Here in Brillington, everyone speaks English fluently. I was not confident in speaking in English, but the the tutors here guided me and supported me till I was able to not just speak, but also THINK in English ! Now, I can write meaningful essays in the correct grammar and I can recognize grammatical errors. Because of Brillington, I have improved so much and I feel more confident than before. I do believe in the Brillington slogan , “Know English, know the world.


Zulaikha Ilani Binti Roslan , 18 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I’m a person who does not know English well and it’s very difficult to me to learn or study English. I always avoided speaking in front of people because I felt shy and though that people may laugh at me when they heard me speak using the wrong grammar or sentences. To be honest, I came to Brillington firstly because my mother forced me to come here. But, after a few classes, I came here because I was curious and wanted to learn more new things like how to speak English effectively, attend interviews, make a resume and give presentations. I’m now better and confident with English speaking, using the correct grammar and sentences and I’m no longer afraid to speak in front of people. I really enjoyed all the activities especially our journey to KLCC and PAVILION for our teamwork assignments. It was a completely new experience when I had to interview a group of foreigners, and I felt very nervous when speaking with them. Last but not least, Brillington is a very comfortable place to learn and I’m proud to be able learn here. The teachers in Brillington are friendly and the best ever! The way they taught us was very enjoyable..I will not forget what they taught. As a bonus, I also met many new kind and helpful friends! THANKS BRILLINGTON…I WILL DO MY BEST TO KEEP IMPROVING MY ENGLISH BY USING ENGLISH :)


Nurul Amiera Nurazizan , 18 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I came to Brillington to boost up my confidence level to speak with others in English and to enhance my pronunciation skill. The teachers in Brillington were so friendly and have warm personalities. They were very supportive and cheerful. I really did enjoy learning in class with a variety of activities. The best activity for me was when we had our KLCC field trip where we all had the chance to interact with foreigners in English. I have learned a lot from Brillington. I suggest to all school leavers and to the rest who are having some problems with the English language to check out Brillington. Now, I have become more confident to speak in English. Thank you Brillington.


Aiman Syazani Bin Anuar, 18 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I would like to tell you about my learning here in Brillington. Before I joined Brillington, I found it difficult to talk with other people, especially foreigners. In Brillington, I learned a lot of new things especially to be confident speaking English. The teachers here are very supportive and are willing to help people like me learn English. They have changed me to be a better person and to build up my confidence when talking to other people. I’ll miss them so much. If you guys out there want to improve your English, Brillington is the right place to learn. Thanks Brillington!


Muhammad Nazri Suhami, 15 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo Actually, before I came here, I didn’t have any experience speaking in English and I felt really shy to speak. But as I continued to go to class, I felt one thing. This program is really great and interesting with many activities ….IN ENGLISH! My first teacher in this programme introduced himself to the class and it was so exciting because …he’s from the US! I am so proud to learn from these teachers as they are not only teaching us English, but making it fun and interesting. They are all so cool! Thank you Brillington!


Muhammad Amerrusyahid B. Mohd Faizam, 14 years old, Student, KL, Malaysia
student photo When I came to Brillington, I was really shy. I joined the Holiday Programme. This allowed me to practice and gain more knowledge about the English language, which will help me with both my future studies and career. I think Brillington is a fantastic English language centre! The teachers here are nice and very helpful. If we make mistakes, they will correct us and help us to speak correctly. In my conclusion, Brillington is the best English language centre ever!


Intan Safiya bt Nor Azuairi
student photo The first time I stepped into Brillington, I already knew I was weak in English. I always got a B in exams for English at school. When I entered the classroom, I was shy to talk because I knew I would make grammar mistakes. With time, I realized that I could meet many friends and use English without anyone judging me. My teacher was very supportive and funny. She always shares stories with us and this makes the class interesting. All the teachers are great and I’ll never forget them. Now I speak with my friends and all of the teachers in English…and it feels great because I’m more confident!


Nur Afiqah Bt. Azmir, 16 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo The first time I came to Brillington, I was so shy and my English was so weak. I was so scared to talk because I was afraid of making mistakes. The Holiday Programme is really fun. With the help of the programme, I could make new friends and talk with them in English. The teachers are supporting and great. I’m so glad that my parents sent me here. I think this is an awesome programme.


Muhammad Amerrusyaidi B. Mohd Faizam, 16 years old, Student, KL, Malaysia
student photo Brillington is awesome! I joined the Holiday Programme in November, 2013. Before I started this programme, my English was very weak. In only a week attending classes here, I improved in both my English speaking and writing. I really enjoyed the Holiday Programme because I made many new friends and I shared many experiences with them. I was so sad at the last week of the programme because I would be leaving Brillington. If I get a chance, I will join academic class for 2014.


Mohammad Amirul Haziq, 13 years old, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
student photo I always used to think that English lessons and classes are boring. That was before I came to Brillington. Now, I think English is a wonderful language and I had fun learning in my classes here. The classes are full of laughter and learning at the same time, I enjoyed myself so much during the Holiday Programme. The teachers here are awesome ! I love Brillington so much !


student photo
Muhammad Faiz Bin Zakaria
Before I join the program, I’m a person who was weak in English. In school, I always have C and sometimes D. Most of my friend can speak English better than me. So I feel a lack of confidence in communicating in English. ...more


student photo
Nurzulaiha binti Keshim
Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello everybody!!.. Hi! I’m Nurzulaiha binti Keshim. I’m officially 18 this year. I enrolled in Brillington for SPM school leavers programme from early of Jan until end of March. ...more


student photo
Anis Najwa Azizan
Hello everyone ! I am glad to be in this program because almost everyone in the program had helped me to use the English language more better. ...more


student photo
Muhammad Hazwan bin Hashim
Hello everybody, I’m Muhammad Hazwan bin Hashim, easier to be called Hazwan. MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba was the place where I’ve been learning for 2 years. ...more


student photo
Mariam Nasirah
Hello world! My name is Mariam Nasirah. I’m 17. Every Monday and Wednesday I had to be here at 2.30 pm even I had to rush to come here because I’m still in school. Everyone in this class was already 18. I’m here not to complain but Brillington is the best language center ever. ...more


student photo
Azhani Intan Shahrini binti Abdul Latib
Hello there ! My name is Azhani Intan Shahrini binti Abdul Latib. I was born in 1992. I’m 18 years old. I’m from Kuala Lumpur. ...more


student photo
Noor Syahidah
Hello, I’m Noor Syahidah. I’m 18 years old. I’m ex-student of SMK Puteri Titiwangsa. Before this , my English is not so good. Moreover, my English teacher at school always laugh at me about my English and the way I speak. In other words, it mean I never score A in my English ...more


student photo
Athira Farasyafiqa binti Azaman
Asalamualaikum and aloha to everyone who read my testimonial. I’m Athira Farasyafiqa binti Azaman. This year, I will be 18 years old. I’m one of the students from the English Programme for the SPM Leavers. ...more


student photo
Nur Fatihah
Hi, its me Nur Fatihah.. I’m 18 yrs old and my former school is at SMK Taman Melawati. I have joined Brillington Language Centre since January until the end of March and I tell you its a lot of fun here. During this short period, I have gained lots of experience. Unforgettable experience ...more


student photo
Anis Farahanim bt Abd Rahman
Hi! I’m Anis Farahanim bt Abd Rahman, 18 years old and I’m the ‘product’ of Brillington School Leavers Program :D ...more


student photo
Hello, hello… Rasela in the house! Hello guys. I’m Rasela from Setiawangsa. I am 18 years old and I was in school leavers program ...more


student photo
Nur Syahirah Binti Mohd Fauzi
Hey everyone! Do all of you know me? I know you do. Admit it 🙂 Anyway, my name is Nur Syahirah Binti Mohd Fauzi. I’m 18 years old. I joined the Effective English for School Leavers Program since 13th January till 31st March 2010. I think I am a lucky girl because I have the opportunity to learn English at Brillington.. ...more


student photo
Since I was young, people who met me always call me Aiman, well it is simply because both of my parents had chosen Aiman to be my name. To make it short, I was born on the 2nd February 2010, I joined Brillington together with 17 other students…and found that they are really awesome, not forgetting that they have different personalities and characteristics. ...more


student photo
Emira Damia Shah Binti Shahrin
Hello pals, my name is Emira Damia Shah Binti Shahrin. I am 18 years old. I lived in Ampang. My journey in Brillington starts on 2nd February 2010. I found Brillington while I was on my way to work at Forever 21 boutique, Pavilion. I saw bunting advertisements all over Bukit Antarabangsa. ...more


student photo
Hi, my name is FATIN HAIFAA HASNAA BT MOHD KAMIL. I’m 17 years old .I live at 46f, Mahsuri Apartment , Setiawangsa , Kuala Lumpur with my aunty. I started my first day at Brillington on 2ndFebuary 2010 and I joined SPM leavers program .I joined Brillington because my English is too weak. My aunty also supported me to join Brillington. She told me, English is so important for my future. ...more


student photo
Haney Fateha binti Ahmad Azam
Hi! I’m Haney Fateha binti Ahmad Azam. I’m 18. I live in Taman Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur which is only 5 minutes drive to Brillington Language Centre. During my free time, I enjoyed surfing internet and I love listening to music. ...more


student photo
Mohamad Azim Bin Khir Anuar
How time flies while we have fun. It has been about two and a half months since I first enrolled myself in Brillington Language Centre to join the SPM Leavers’ programme. ...more


student photo
Muhammad Safwan
Assalamualaikum and hello to all readers, my name is Muhammad Safwan. I live in Gombak. My previous school is SMK Danau Kota. My favorite football club is Liverpool. Before I joined Brillington, I have big problem with my communication skills in English. ...more


student photo
Muhammad Umar Imarah bin Murtadza
Hi everyone! My name is Muhammad Umar Imarah bin Murtadza. I’m 18 years old and I live in keramat. During my free time, I like to surf internet and chat with all my friends from all over the world. ...more


student photo
Hello there! I’m Nadila and will be 18 years old this May. I attended Brillington School Leavers Programme. ...more


student photo
Nazri bin Ramli
Hello everyone. My name is Nazri bin Ramli. I am 17 years old, for now, I lived in Setiawangsa,Kuala Lumpur and I am from Terengganu. Before I attended the SPM Leaver’s Programme at Brillington English Centre, I was very weak in English especially in speaking and interaction with people. ...more


student photo
Nur Aisyah Bt Hassan
Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. My name is Nur Aisyah Binti Hassan and I live in KL, Bandar Baru Sentul. I’m turning 18 this 3rd August. I felt very happy to join this centre because it’s not all about studying, but also experiencing many other things and that’s what I’m grateful about. ...more


student photo
Nur Idayu
After completing my SPM examination, I spent a lot of time sitting at home. For the first month it was very enjoyable but then, it was boring. I requested to work but my parents didn’t allow me. They asked me to do something that can help me in the future. Then, I choose Brillington Language Centre. ...more


student photo
I remembered a time when I did my oral presentation in school. When I started to present, some of my friends laughed at me. They made me feel so embarrassed and so bad. Suddenly, I pointed to them and yell “cut it out”. My teacher and my classmates stared at me. Haha, I had a reflex action at that time… It was so unexpected! ...more


student photo
Nurfarah Safiah
Hi there. My name is Nurfarah Safiah. I’m from Taman Melati. In my opinion, the ideas in Brillington made significant and joyful changes for me. ...more


student photo
Nurul Affiedza Juhari
Hi, I`m Nurul Affiedza Juhari, so just call me Fyza. I’m 18 years old, staying at Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Before I joined Brillington, I was so shy to speak English with other people and I have no confidence to communicate in English. ...more


student photo
Rizki Faruzzi
My name is Rizki Faruzzi. My hobbies are playing guitar and playing Badminton. I also love to act in theatre plays and I can perform some cool magic tricks. Even though I love theatre, music, and magic, my ambition is to be a lawyer. ...more


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Sharifah Salwa
I’m Sharifah Salwa binti Syed Norrashid. I’m staying at Keramat, Kuala Lumpur and, turning 18 soon. As we all know, at school, English is a compulsory subject. And although I have been studying English my entire life, I JUST CAN’T SPEAK ENGLISH! ...more


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Amirah Zulfa
I gained many experiences that I’ve never had before when I joined Brillington’s trip to KLCC. I got a chance talking to a foreigner. Luckily for me as they gave full cooperation to our group when we interviewed them. ...more


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Famy Rahman
Hello there! My name is Famy Rahman and I stay at Keramat Permai. I am 18 years old (school leaver). Brillington Language Centre was a very good choice to learn proper English. ...more


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Mohd Amir Bin Mohd Asmadi
Assalamualaikum and greetings to all, my name is Mohd Amir bin Mohd Asmadi. I live at Taman Melawati and I school at MJSC Pontian. For the Introduction of my testimonial, I want you all know that my ability to speak in English is not good enough and I need help to improve my personal performance. ...more


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Nur Amirah
Hi my name is Nur Amirah bte.Rohaney. I am 18 years old and I am in batch three of Brillington Language Centre. I am a student from Brillington. I heard that Brillington language centre is the easy way to improve your English. So as quickly as I could, ...more


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Nurul Ashikin Rahmat
Hi! My name is Nurul Ashikin Rahmat and I attended the School Leavers class. To me, learning in Brillington is so much fun because I can meet new friends and learn in a different way. Our tutor, Assad is very helpful and fun. ...more


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Nurul Bahiyah
Hi everyone! My name is Nurul Bahiyah Abdul Aziz. This is my first time that I’m writing a testimonial. I hope that all of you enjoy reading my experience since I was studying at Brillington. ...more


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Sajidah bt Mohd Darus
Hello there! My name is Sajidah bt Mohd Darus. I joined Brillington on 29th March 2010. First of all, I never had any intention to join any English class or course. But,my friend recommends me to join Brillington. ...more


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Siti Sarah binti Ahmad Suhaimi
My name is Siti Sarah binti Ahmad Suhaimi. I joined Brillington in the SPM leaver course in 2010. I am writing this to tell about my first-hand experience learning at Brillington. ...more


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Hye I’m SYUFIQA NUR FATEEN. I’m 18 years old. My ex-school is SMK PUTERI AMPANG. Before I entered this class, my English was too bad and I felt ashamed with my all friends. They can speak English better than me. And I’m not a confident girl. So I decide to enter this school leavers program and my mom supported me to go this program. ...more


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